School Meals

In the interest of the Health & Safety of all of our students, we encourage students to stay on the school site at lunchtimes.  A range of food options are available to cater for all tastes.  Students may bring a packed lunch.

Should parents wish for their child to go home then a permission slip must be completed and a lunchtime pass is then made available.  A student cannot leave the premises without a pass.  A pass cannot be given for students to leave only on certain days.  Students must either opt to go home or stay on site.

Students who go home for lunch should leave the site within the first 5 minutes of their lunch break and return 5 minutes before afternoon lessons commence.  Students must be in possession of a lunch time pass if they leave the grounds.  We regularly carry out spot checks to ensure students do go home.

  • The only reason for a student to leave the site during lunchtime is to go home for lunch.
  • Students must not wander the streets or ‘hang around’ the local shops.  If students are found doing this their pass will be taken away.
  • If parents agree to their child being off site then responsibility for the Health & Safety rests with the parents.

At all times students must behave sensibly.  Students who stay on site for lunch must not leave the premises without permission.