Student Leadership

The College Council represents the views of the student body at Soar Valley College by working closely with staff to ensure all students across all ages and at different levels have a voice in the college.

The College Council consists of a Head Boy and a Head Girl, with deputy Head Boys and Head Girls. These students are from Year 11 and go through a thorough recruitment process which includes an application form and interview. The shortlisted candidates are then voted in by all of Year 11 and all staff. Their role is to:

• lead on meetings with the College Council to discuss suggestions from the student body via form representatives;
• lead on meetings with senior leaders, teachers, charities, governors etc. and represent suggestions from the student body;
• announce outcomes from suggestions made by the student body via the student bulletin, school website, twitter and the school newsletter;
• ensure that the College Council notice board is updated appropriately;
• lead, select, plan and deliver campaigns within the college;
• lead on the planning of charity days;
• keep records of campaigns and their outcomes.

Each year group (7-11) also has two students to represent them who are also part of the College Council. A student is also allocated to checking the suggestion box which any student in the school can put any ideas into. All of these students also go through a recruitment process which involves an application and interview. Their role is to:
• lead on meetings with form representatives to discuss suggestions from the student body;
• attend meetings with Head Boy, Head Girl, Assistant Head Boy or Assistant Head Girl to discuss outcomes from meetings with form representatives;
• lead form representatives to have meaningful and purposeful discussions with form groups;
• update the College Council notice board;
• select, plan and deliver campaigns within the college;
• keep records of campaigns and their outcomes.

Each year group (7-11) has a 12 form entry. Each form group has a form representative which students can apply for. Their role is to:

• lead their form to discuss suggestions they would like to put forward to the college council;
• attend regular meetings with their College Council lead to discuss suggestions from discussions with their form;
• keep their form updated by sharing the outcomes of suggestions via the student bulletin;
• update their form notice board ensuring it contains up to date information regarding the College Council;
• check their form tray or ensure others in your form have the responsibility of checking the form tray to deliver any notices.

College Council meetings take place regularly to discuss suggestions and outcomes from/to the student body. All members of the College  Council are easily identified as they wear an additional badge or lanyard alongside their Soar Valley College lanyard. Head Boy, Head Girl and Deputies wear a specific yellow badge stating their role alongside a yellow student leadership lanyard. Year group representatives wear a yellow leadership lanyard with a yellow star badge and form representatives wear a yellow star badge.