Student Council

Soar Valley College Council – 2015-2016

The College Council represents the views of the student body at Soar Valley and works closely with staff to further enhance Student Leadership opportunities throughout the College Community.

The College Council consists of a Head Boy and a Head Girl, with deputy Head Boys and Head Girls. These students are from Year 11 and are voted in by all of Year 11 and teaching staff. The students who were successfully elected were Nium Johal as Head Boy, Gurneet Banga as Head Girl, Namanpreet Ghotra and Amar Chudasma as Deputy Head Boys and Aji Mybe and Lucy Wale as Deputy Head Girls.

Year Representatives from years 8-11 are also part of the College Council, and they are voted in by each year groups Form Representatives, the College Council meet once a half term.

College Student Leaders from Yr 10 and 11 who are responsible for Anti – Bullying, Peer Support, Send My Friend, Charities, Eco – Team 

There are many Student Leadership opportunities within the Soar Valley Community which students from all age groups can aspire to.