Catch up Funding

Catch up funding 2015-2016 

The amount of money allocated to catch up is approximately £29,000. However, in reality,  we allocate much more than this The money allocated is used in English and Maths and has been used to employ staff who can directly work with students in order to help support these targeted students to make better progress with the initial aim of making sure they are now working at a secure level 4.

However, the process is more sophisticated than this and a whole host of other indicators are used to ensure the progress measured is secure. These include: 

  • NGRT reading data
  • Effort scores
  • Other data collected through various reading programmes such as inference skills
  • Data from maths screening tests
  • English and Maths NC sub levels
  • Progress check data for all subjects
  • Comments from staff

Some of these students who receive this support are also eligible for pupil premium and this has also been utilised in order to help these students make greater progress.


Dedicated teacher time is used so that students are withdrawn from their English groups and are taught in a smaller group. For 5/7 lessons they will be taught by an English teacher alongside an experienced teaching assistant who will then teach the students for the remaining lessons. Students will follow a curriculum that is tailored to their needs. Many students in the ‘B’ band who fall into the ‘catch up’ category will be in our nurture provision where highly targeted work will be undertaken by an SEN teacher. The remaining students will have some withdrawal from their English lessons to work with an English teacher in small groups.

 In addition, students are supported through literacy withdrawal groups which focus on decoding, inference, comprehension and use the Ruth Miskin scheme. Paired reading with year 10/11 students is used every day with great success. Assessments are regular through core English assessments, NGRT tests and Progress Checks.


Students are withdrawn from some Maths lessons to work in small groups with a dedicated teacher. The initial screening test gives a clear indication of which areas need to be targeted in order for students to make progress. The teacher uses this time, as well as usual Maths lessons, to tailor the support needed.

Again, students in the ‘B’ band who fall into the ‘catch up’ category are in our nurture provision where all their Maths lessons will be taught. The Maths provision for these students is taught by a qualified teacher and is overseen by the lead teacher for KS3 Maths intervention. Students are assessed regularly to monitor progress and teaching is tailored accordingly.

Year 8 students have a targeted breakfast club in the morning to help them to make even greater progress in Maths. This is run by two dedicated Maths TAs and the work, again, is overseen by lead teacher for KS3 Maths intervention.