We wanted to let you know that we have signed up to iDEA (Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award). This is an online digital enterprise platform which allows you to complete online modules or ‘badges’.

Each of these ‘badges’ on iDEA are designed to develop a range of employability skills in an increasingly digital age. By completing a series of these badges you will have an opportunity to achieve a recognised award.

This award can be used as an on line Record of Achievement which will enable you to showcase the skills and knowledge you have learnt to potential employers and Post 16 destinations, whilst further developing a range of practical skills for you moving forward.

Each week we will suggest badges via the weekly e mail that will feel will be particularly beneficial for you. In order to access these you need to do the following:
• Follow the link to take you to the iDEA website and click onto the sign up tab at the top of the page
• Put in a suitable ‘nickname’ please remember that this name should be appropriate and will be visible to the organisation
• Put in an email address you use frequently and make a note of it. Do not use your school email address because that will restrict the time you have access to this resource
• Enter a password and confirm the password, then hit the sign up button
• Once you are logged in you will see a short tutorial which shows you exactly what to do, and the badges available
• Have a look around the site and try a few badges to practice. For this first week we recommend that you work on the Citizen badge ‘Safe Online’, and the Entrepreneur badge ‘Money Management’.

Should you have any technical issues please ensure that you use the support tab or contact IT support following the link below:

Click here to see letter sent to Parents