Uniform from August 2018 Onwards click here for further information.

Our school uniform reflects the high standards we strive for everyday as a school. It is smart and helps unifies us. We are keen to ensure that school uniform is worn correctly and with pride. As a school with a uniform, there is a clear expectation that all students should strictly adhere to the school uniform policy. Please see details below of our current uniform policy.  As always, we thank you for your support.   The school reserve the right to decide on the suitability of any item of clothing.

Uniform items are available from Uniform Direct, online or through the retail outlet in Leicester city centre.

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Acceptable footwear at Soar Valley College


Black business cut blazer with blue piping and the school badge all purchased from Uniform Direct. Blazers must be worn on school site at all times unless directed by staff.


Mid grey tailored school trousers purchased from Uniform Direct.



The school kilt is available in lengths of 20”, 22”, 24” purchased from Uniform Direct. Skirts must be worn with white or black ankle socks or plain black, grey or natural coloured tights. Girls requiring further modesty are able to wear black leggings or Soar Valley grey trousers under the long kilt.


Plain white shirt (short or long sleeved), tucked into trousers or skirt with top button buttoned up to take a tie

School jumper (optional)

Mid grey school jumper with royal blue V-neck stripe can be worn in addition to the blazer, not instead of. This is in response to requests from parents and students for additional warmth in the colder months and is available from Uniform Direct.


SVC clip on school tie purchased from Uniform Direct




Plain black school shoes. Shoes should not have coloured laces, stitching, logos, patterns or contrasting soles. Heels must not exceed 3cm. Trainers/ sport shoes of any kind are not to be worn. Plain black ankle boots are acceptable if they adhere to the above. Please note that the black trainers previously worn by some of our students will not be acceptable under the new policy.

Outdoor coats

Outdoor coats should be an addition to and not instead of the school blazer. Outdoor coats should be plain and not patterned with no large lettering or logos. Outdoor coats are not to be worn in the building. Hoodies or denim coats of any kind are not permitted.

Head cov- erings

Head coverings for religious reasons must be plain black or white only


School bags should be suitable for carrying A4 books or folders.


Lanyards must be worn at all times for safeguarding purposes.



Make-up/ Jewellery/ Hats

No excessive makeup or jewellery is to be worn. Acrylic nails are not permitted and any earrings should be discreet and must be no bigger than a 2 pence piece. No facial piercings or ear stretchers are allowed (other than a small, single discreet nose stud). All jewellery must be removed for PE. Any headbands must be small and plain black or white and without decoration. Hats are not to be worn in the school building. Caps should not be worn on school site at all.


No excessive colouring of hair is permitted. The school reserves the right to decide on the suitability of any colouring.

Physical Education Kit 

PE Kit.
Black/Gold polo shirt with the College logo (boys and girls)
Black/Gold reversible multisport top with the College logo, (boys only)
Black/White ½ zip sweatshirt with the College logo, (girls only)
Available from Uniform Direct
Plain Black tracksuit bottoms (optional for boys)
Plain Black shorts
Plain white socks
Long Black football socks (optional for girls)
Football boots (for boys)
Swimming costume (and swim cap for students with long hair)
Hair band (for students with long hair)
All jewellery must be taken out for P.E.

These items are for indoor and outdoor use and for both winter and summer work.

Please make sure that all your uniform items have the child’s name on it so that they can be returned if misplaced.