IRIS Connect

The use of IRIS Connect:

Achieving outstanding quality for Teaching and Learning is the absolute key to our success as a school. We have a very strong professional development programme, which encourages all our highly qualified teaching, and support staff, to be at the cutting edge of their practice and to deliver highly effective lessons with our students.

We are privileged to have such committed colleagues who pro-actively learn together through a variety of research projects and enhanced CPD. They enthusiastically share their findings with colleagues at Soar Valley and in our network of partnership schools. This commitment to sharing and developing our innovative ideas is part of our ethos and contributes to the unique atmosphere you will find here.

We believe all our students should receive first class Teaching and Learning, which is fundamental to students’ success.
In our commitment to making continued improvements in Teaching and Learning we have invested in IRIS connect technology. This video-based professional development tool will help enable our staff to record their teaching in order to self- reflect, analyse and share best practice. This technology is used by over 2000 schools in the UK and is a proven tool for coaching teachers to improve and refine standards of teaching and learning. We never sit still here and we are always looking at ways to tweak and transform our practice. We are passionate about our students’ welfare and success. We constantly challenge and encourage our staff to be self-reflective so that we all strive to constantly look for ways to improve our practice.
All video footage is kept on secure and trusted servers that never enter the public domain and this secure cloud server is facilitated by IRIS connect. For more information on the security, please click here.

Videos will be stored on the cloud whilst Soar Valley College maintains a contract with IRIS CONNECT. On termination of the contract all video will be deleted. If a teacher leaves the employment of the school, their licence will be removed and the video deleted from the cloud.
Videos created using the IRISCONNECT system will not be published or used outside of SVC without permission of the parents of the children involved in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. The filming of teaching is strictly for professional development and satisfies our policies on keeping young people safe.
We will continue to develop and use IRIS over the coming months.