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The information provided here is designed to support you to continue learning effectively whether a small group of students are self-isolating or the school is shut to the vast majority of students.

First and foremost, unless you are ill and cannot complete your school work, the most important thing to get right is to continue with your usual routine. Although lessons may be on Satchel One or live through Microsoft Teams, the normal school day is still running even if it doesn’t feel normal.

So, set the same alarm, get up at the same time, and get online by 8:45 when the school day starts.

Make sure that you have a proper breakfast so you are not distracted from your learning by the snacks and treats you know are just a few steps away in the kitchen.

At 8:45 you should log in to Satchel One and check Show My Homework to see how your lessons that day have been organised by your teachers. If you have a live registration then check a little earlier so you can be ready to go at 9:00 in Lesson 1.

Some of your lessons will be work provided on SMHW. Make sure you read the instructions carefully as your teachers will have created a sequence of activities designed to help you to develop your knowledge, understanding or skills. Following their plan will ensure that the learning is retained and can be used in the long term. It is not good enough to shortcut to the test and guess enough answers to make it look like you have engaged.

If you finish early then use the time to look further into the subject or have another go at practicing the skills. This is your education so it is your responsibility to do a full day of work!

Some of your lessons will be live through Microsoft Teams. Make sure you arrive on time and that you are ready to engage.

Let’s be honest, online lessons are different – and probably a bit more difficult for both the students and the teacher – but we are in this together and, with the excellent cooperation and resilience we always expect from our students, we will be able to make the best of it and keep moving forward. So, what we need from you is the same level of engagement that we would see in a normal classroom: students ready to ask and answer questions, to have a go at the activities, and to be open to giving and receiving feedback.

The only change to the school day is that we will all follow the senior timetable if the school is shut to the vast majority of students. The pattern for the day is shown below.
Covid School Day 3
If the majority of students are in school and a small group are self isolating then you will follow your normal timetable with the break and lunch you would normally have.

And finally, after a hard day of work at school you need to find time to do something you enjoy and some time for physical activity. Don’t just move from the screen on your laptop to the one on your phone. Don’t exchange the keys on your keypad for the ones on the controller of you games console.

And always find time to read a book!