Vocal Exam Success.....

Bringing Creativity to Life! - Trinity College Vocal Exams Grades 5-7


Sameer Shah, Dylan Kacha, Jabin Islam, Yasmin Parekh, Natalia Jamborowicz, Jasmine Patel, Rehmat Sotta, Brandon Fletcher, Charnpreet Kaur, Yasmin Berraoui, Urvashi Limbachya and Cerys Rogers

On the 28th March 12 Soar Valley students undertook Trinity College London Vocal examinations. After months of preparation and the help of the amazing Miss Grainger, three songs were selected depending on our grade of entry along with an improvised track. Each student put in a tremendous amount of effort which paid off when performing for the external examiner. I think I can speak for all the students who took part when I say that these exams, despite our nerves, were so much fun and we are all grateful to Miss Grainger and Mr Miskelly for this brilliant experience!

Yasmina Berraoui 11.10, Music Student.


Student comments:

"It was a great opportunity that was incredibly enjoyable and I can't wait to do the next grade. If you ever get the chance to do it, then you definitely should!"                                   

Dylan Kacha Year 11

 “Best experience of Soar Valley so far!”    

 Cerys Rogers Year 9

“I loved the exam; it was a great opportunity to be involved as it gave me the chance to
sing in front of a real examiner. Thanks to the music department at SVC”       

Rehmat Sotta Year 11

“I was nervous before I walked into the exam room but I calmed down and was able to take the exam as I had practised, and once it started it was so much fun!”                               

Sameer Shah Year 11

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