The Student Council

Soar Valley College has a new Student Council! This is a convenient way for the student body to share their ideas on how they would like to continue Soar Valley College to be an outstanding school.
There is a new system for students to make suggestions. Firstly, the student body will give suggestions to their Form Representatives who will then deliver the ideas to the 12 members of the School Council. Each year group has 2 student councillors to represent them. The Student Council have also installed a suggestion box that can be found outside the Welfare Office. The aim of this box is to give the students various ways to share their ideas. Two student councillors haiukve been given the responsibility of checking this box regularly.

Head Boy-Om Kathrecha, Head Girl-Nada Mohamed, Assistant Head Boy-Kushal Parsh Mehta and Assistant Head Girl-Devika Tailor will then discuss key suggestions with the senior leadership team. Suitable proposals will then be discussed with the relevant bodies who will hopefully be able to help accomplish the change that the students wish to acquire. The 4 student leaders will then convey the new changes to the student body via the Student Bulletin, The Newsletter, The School Website and The Twitter Account.

We hope you have a lovely half term and we hope to keep you updated.

Written by Nada Mohamed and Devika Tailor

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