Reading Makes a Difference

The college library will yet again hosting a book fair so that students can buy half price books. The fair is in the library from Wednesday 7th December to Monday 12th December.

Everything in the fair from books to stationery is half price, with book prices starting from as little as £2.99. Ask your child to collect a leaflet from the library to see a taste of what is on offer. There are 3 coupons on the back of the leaflet with further chances to save money.

The library has also been running a competition for the students, with prizes of £5 vouchers to spend at the fair.

This is a fantastic opportunity for our students to own their own books, opening new world’s for them to explore and helping them improve their standards in all subjects they study here at the college.

Benefits of Reading for Pleasure.

A growing number of studies show that promoting reading can have a major impact on children and adults and their future. Upon reviewing the research literature, Clark and Rumbold (2006) identify several main areas of the benefits to reading for pleasure:

Reading attainment and writing ability;

Text comprehension and grammar;

Breadth of vocabulary;

Positive reading attitudes;

Greater self-confidence as a reader;

Pleasure in reading in later life;

General knowledge;

A better understanding of other cultures;

Community participation; and

A greater insight into human nature and decision-making.

Mrs Freeman

Learning Resource Centre Manager

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