Information Regarding Coronavirus

Dear Parents and Carers.

You will be aware that the government has launched a campaign to slow down the spread of the Coronavirus and have asked us to share with you and students some key information to support their campaign. Please do take the time to read the points below and please do discuss them with your children.

1) The Department for Education has asked us to share this link with you as it will be a useful point of reference for the most up to date information on the Coronavirus. It includes advice for families travelling to or returning from China.

2) The notice below will be shared with all students through assemblies, tutor time and student notices.

The Government and the NHS are well prepared to deal with the virus. There is no reason why you should not continue to attend school or carry on with your normal life outside of school.

However, you can help too: Germs can live on some surfaces for hours. To protect yourselves and others:

• Always carry tissues with you and use them to catch your cough or sneeze
• Bin the tissue
• Kill the germs by washing your hands with soap and water or use sanitiser gel

The cleaners have been asked to ensure that soap dispensers in the toilets are well stocked. However, if you do come across any empty dispensers please do tell a member of staff.

3) These posters will be placed around school and in toilets

Thank you in anticipation of your support with discussing this at home.

            Coronavirus poster 002

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