English Theatre Trip: Of Mice and Men at Leicester’s Curve

On Wednesday 25th May, the English Faculty had the absolute privilege of taking 50 Soar Valley students to the theatre. These 50 students were a mixture of Year 9 students, invited because of their excellent effort in English and Drama, and Year 8 students who were invited because of their ability and talent within English.

Of Mice and Men is a core text at Year 9, so most of the Year 8s had no idea about the plot or the characters (not that it made a difference to them; the Year 8s are now really looking forward to reading and studying the book!)

The performance itself was fantastic and the set design was very inventive. Amra, in 8.1, said “there were many dramatic scenes which you wouldn’t expect”.

Most importantly though, our students’ behaviour was impeccable and fun was had by all. Shivani, also in 8.1, said she really enjoyed watching it and Amra said “I loved the play very much!”

Thank you to all the students for once again making us very proud.

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