National Careers Week 2022

NCW timetable of events 






Monday 14th March

Year 7

Leicestershire Cares

“Guess My Job”. An interactive assembly where students hear from two people from the world of work. Prior to the event, form tutors gather questions from their form to be passed onto Charlotte who will orchestrate the session. Students have the chance to have their questions answered and engage in a lively assembly. They will hear about two different job roles and ultimately guess the job of the speaker. 

Tuesday 15th March

Year 8

Balbir Singh RAF

“Motivation”. Balbir will motivate students and send a clear message of effort, focus and consistency. Balbir is an energetic and engaging speaker who links his tips with his career in the RAF.

Wednesday 16th March

Year 9

Balbir Singh RAF

“Thinking ahead”. Balbir will return to SVC to talk to Year 9. This time, he will talk in the context of the Year 9 Options choices that students have recently made. Balbir will encourage students to think ahead to their GCSE’s and begin to set short term goals to help them achieve their goals and realise full potential.

Thursday 17th March

Year 10

Project Ask

“Apprenticeship Intro”. An introduction for Year 10 students on apprenticeship. The assembly will include;

-          What is an apprenticeship

-          What level of entry can you study

-          Is this the right option for you

Following the assembly there will be a follow up session for all students who want more information.

Friday 18th March

Year 11

Gateway College

“Post 16 Education”. Jade Walsh will be talking to Year 11 students who will be beginning to have college interviews. The deadline for college applications for students was the end of November so by this stage, students will have a good idea of where they are going on to study. Jade will talk to students about the positives of Post 16 education and training and generally encourage students to feel positive about their next steps.