Year 11 GCSE Geography Fieldwork

Nottingham Lace Market

In January 58 GCSE geography students brave the below zero temperatures to gather their research for the ‘human’ fieldwork element of their course. Students were investigating whether urban regeneration has created more benefits than negatives for this particular location in Nottingham.

Students were required to complete a series of fieldwork skills such as mapping the land use of various streets within the Lace Market, carrying out an Environmental Quality Survey as well as speaking with members of the public to gather opinions.

Despite the freezing temperatures and the daunting tasks set for them, all students did exceptionally well and now have a large and valid set of data to continue their investigation. Students will now need to present and analyse their data before reaching their conclusion.

Students will then have one final task of evaluating their methods by identifying the disadvantages and suggesting possible solutions.

We now look forward to getting back out into the field, as we will soon be conducting research for their ‘physical’ fieldwork element by visiting a local river.


                          nott 1    nott 2


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