BBC's Make A Difference - Kit Out The Nation campaign

Giving and receiving as part of the BBC's Make A Difference - Kit Out The Nation campaign

The BBC’s Make A Difference – Kit Out The Nation is a month long campaign (Saturday 4th September – 2nd October). It is aimed at taking in unwanted, good condition sports kit and distributing it to children and teenagers who need it, and Soar Valley is very pleased and proud to be involved.

The sports provision at Soar Valley is brilliant, and students are very involved, both in and out of lesson time (as trophy cabinets testify!). We firmly believe that it is crucially important in today’s world for children to be physically active and so a massive range of activities is offered at the school, designed to encourage all to do so. We were very keen to become involved in the scheme.

Soar Valley has donated equipment from sports that we no longer do, or so as widely, as the curriculum needs have evolved or have simply upgraded. This includes hockey sticks, hockey helmets, hockey balls, rocket ball sticks (like lacrosse), a javelin trolley, swimming caps, trampoline supports - all of which are in really good condition.

Through the scheme we are hoping to be the recipients of things like tennis balls, quick cricket balls, netballs, rugby balls, rugby tackle shields and bags, rounders balls etc., either used (or new), and are always on the lookout for football or rugby boots of various sizes.

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