Student Leadership - posted 7th Oct

It has been a busy half term, but none the less exciting! Since the start of the school year, the Student Council have participated in many events, including:

• Head Boy, Head Girl, Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl took part in the year 10 Transition Evening by helping Soar Valley staff promote the use of Maths Revision Guides, and the English Literature textbooks.

• Form Representatives assisted at Open Evening by guiding Year 6 parents around the school, showcasing our facilities and helping them explore the different subjects and high quality curriculum we offer. Head Boy, Head Girl, Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl delivered a speech to parents alongside Mrs Robinson and Mr Pabari.

• Head Boy, Head Girl, Deputy Head Boy, Deputy Head Girl and the Year Group Student Council Leads from years 8-11 delivered assembly’s about the role of the student council, their passions and how they will make the student body’s voice heard.

• Year 7 student council recruitment has begun. The Year Group Student Leads have been appointed and the deadline for Form Representatives is this Friday.

• Form Representatives have been asked to gather student voice on the food offered by City Catering and the extracurricular activities currently on offer and potential new clubs. This week, the Year Group Council Leads are meeting with the Form Representatives to collate this data.

We have had a great start to this term and we look forward to getting involved in much more in the next half term leading up to Christmas.

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Tamsin Winter will be visiting Soar Valley.... - posted 20th Sep

We are very proud to announce that award winning author Tamsin Winter will be visiting Soar Valley in November. Tasmin has had two novels published: her debut, the fantastic ‘Being Miss Nobody’ and her equally brilliant latest and recently released novel ‘Jemima Small versus the Universe’. Both are brilliant reads and have received positive reviews. Both of Tamsin’s novels are about characters who are making the move up to secondary school and explore issues concerning mental health, body positivity, bullying, self-belief and confidence all with humour and sensitivity.

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Year 7 Elevate Programme - posted 13th Sep

Our new Year 7’s have made a fantastic start to their Elevate Induction sessions! This extended induction has already included a teambuilding activity and an introduction to the Elevate programme. All students have done incredibly well and made a great start to life at Soar Valley! This week and next, the focus is on literacy and oracy. Keep up the good work Year 7!

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Sports Day 2019 - posted 9th Jul

Almost 1000 students each participated in 4 different events throughout the day ranging from a Cycling Time Trial to Boule. The Tug of War and Golf Chipping were as popular as ever and the addition of Seated Football was embraced by all. Students entered in to the festival spirit donning their House colours, face paint and even hair glitter. Whist a huge focus was placed on inclusivity and fun there could be only one winner…….. Victoria! Huge congratulations to everyone who took part.

                           Sports 2019

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Student Leaders - posted 3rd Jul

We are proud to announce our Head Boy/Girl and Deputy Head Boy/Girl for the upcoming academic year are;

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UKMT Maths Challegne - posted 2nd Apr

Four of our most talented young mathematicians represented SVC in the UKMT Maths team challenge, East Midlands regional finals. It was an intense day for the students as they worked through numerous difficult problems throughout the day.

They did exceptionally well – we were the top performing state school. Congratulations on an outstanding performance.

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Kangaroo Maths Challenge - posted 25th Mar

This year 4 of our students, Om Kathrecha, Anish Karia, Prithviraj Chauhan and Vikasni Tacor, were invited to sit the Kangaroo Maths Challenge that took place 21.3.19. The Kangaroo Challenge is an international competition. It is an extension to the Intermediate Challenge. Only students that do exceptionally well in the intermediate challenge are invited to partake.
We wait eagerly for the results.

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World Book Day - posted 7th Mar

                 20190307 083021

It’s 7th March 2019 and it’s World Book Day. Staff and students have been celebrating all week and today is no different.

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The Student Council - posted 8th Feb

Soar Valley College has a new Student Council! This is a convenient way for the student body to share their ideas on how they would like to continue Soar Valley College to be an outstanding school.
There is a new system for students to make suggestions. Firstly, the student body will give suggestions to their Form Representatives who will then deliver the ideas to the 12 members of the School Council. Each year group has 2 student councillors to represent them. The Student Council have also installed a suggestion box that can be found outside the Welfare Office. The aim of this box is to give the students various ways to share their ideas. Two student councillors haiukve been given the responsibility of checking this box regularly.

Head Boy-Om Kathrecha, Head Girl-Nada Mohamed, Assistant Head Boy-Kushal Parsh Mehta and Assistant Head Girl-Devika Tailor will then discuss key suggestions with the senior leadership team. Suitable proposals will then be discussed with the relevant bodies who will hopefully be able to help accomplish the change that the students wish to acquire. The 4 student leaders will then convey the new changes to the student body via the Student Bulletin, The Newsletter, The School Website and The Twitter Account.

We hope you have a lovely half term and we hope to keep you updated.

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Year 11 GCSE Geography Fieldwork - posted 1st Feb

Nottingham Lace Market

In January 58 GCSE geography students brave the below zero temperatures to gather their research for the ‘human’ fieldwork element of their course. Students were investigating whether urban regeneration has created more benefits than negatives for this particular location in Nottingham.

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